(a) Explain the term ‘parameter structural stability’?

(b) A financial econometrician thinks that the stock market crash of October 1987 fundamentally changed the risk–return relationship given by the CAPM equation. He decides to test this hypothesis

using a Chow test. The model is estimated using monthly data from January 1980–December 1995, and then two separate regressions are run for the sub-periods corresponding to data before and after the crash. The model is

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so that the excess return on a security at time t is regressed upon the excess return on a proxy for the market portfolio at time t. The results for the three models estimated for shares in British Airways

(BA) are as follows:


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(c) What are the null and alternative hypotheses that are being tested here, in terms of a and ß?

(d) Perform the test. What is your conclusion?

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