Write a short (1-2 page, Minimum 500 words) document that connects the course’s learning outcomes to specific work you performed during the semester. The outcomes from the first page of the syllabus are also listed below. As much as is possible, your document should use specific examples from your work, such as figures, language, or design documents, to convey how a given assignment gave you space to work on one or more of the outcomes listed below. The assignments you’ve completed are also listed below. Learning Outcomes • Use writing to produce, interpret, analyze, and evaluate complex datasets, technical and professional documents, and visuals. • Practice writing as a process, recursively implementing strategies of research, drafting, revision, editing, and reflection. • Ethically design, produce, and deliver—in multiple modes—communication that incorporates quantitative data. • Tailor communication about complex data to audiences with diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic, and experiential backgrounds. • Create dynamic documents that enable reproducible research. Assignment List

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