Working vs. Not Working During the High School Years

• 5-8 articles (within last 10 years)
• 8-10 pages (not including title page/references)
• Make sure articles are within 10 years (2005)
• You can cite older articles, but 5-8 that you write about MUST be within 10 years
• Peer-reviewed so that the research is relevant and contributing to the field it is for
Five titles in the paper:
– 1. Introduction: introduce your topic
– 2. Literature Review: body, 12-16 articles in detail
– 3. Conclusion: tie everything together
– 4. Future Research: where is research going?
– 5. References: citations
– Titles are centered and bolded
• Brief – no more than 8-14 sentences at most
• What will the reader be learning about in the next 15-20 pages?
• Introduce your themes we will read about

– What have you found?
– Use transition sentences between paragraphs and themes
– Paragraphs that contain 12-16 articles supporting the thesis statement; Organize the body in terms of themes that support your thesis statement and let a few of the articles speak to each of those themes
Conclusion/Future research:
– Tie together main themes
– Provide some research prospects
– Defend your thesis statement
– How will your research build on or depart from current and previous research on the topic?
– Really put some effort into this area

Discussion of articles, use of empirical research studies,
– Who are the participants? – gender, age,
– What are the measures? – names of measures, what was measured, how was it measured
– Where Is the sample from? – cities, countries, school districts
– What are similarities and differences in the research?

• Use people first language

Miscellaneous paper specifications:

1) Papers must be typed and double-spaced with reasonable margins, MUST USE APA FORMAT!!
2) Use a reasonably sized font, e.g., 12-point Times or Times New Roman looks most professional.
3) Assign a title to your paper, centered with each member of the group name, my name, and course code
4) Assign a Running head in the top left corner
5) Assign a page number in the top right corner starting on the title page
6) Don’t forget to include a reference page, so that I can see where you went to look for sources. References (both at the end and throughout the paper) must be done using APA format (look in the APA Publication Manual). The listing of references must be in alphabetical order.

7) There should be only 5 headers throughout your paper
• 1. Introduction
• 2. Literature Review
• 3. Conclusion
• 4. Future Research
• 5. References
8) Papers should be 8-10 pages (not including reference pages)
9) 1 inch margins around


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