Part 1: The project in this module presents the topic of drones. Learning to fly a drone takes practice, skill, and a knowledge of basic aeronautical principles. Pilots of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) need to understand how the four aerodynamic forces — lift, gravity, thrust, and drag — interact. Review some websites to learn about the physics involved in flight. Also, research the factors to consider when buying a drone, such as cost, weight, size, battery, and materials. Use the concepts and techniques presented in this module to create a presentation. Select a suitable theme and animate slide content with entrance, emphasis, and exit effects. Include one animated SmartArt graphic showing the four aerodynamic forces. Review and revise your presentation as needed and then save the file using the file name, Lab 7 – 3 Drone Flying. Submit your assignment in the format  specified by your instructor.
Part 2: You made several decisions while creating the presentation in this assignment: where
to place text, how to format the text (such as font and font size), which graphical image(s) to use, where to crop and remove backgrounds from pictures, and which animations to use for graphic elements. What was the rationale behind each of these decisions? When you reviewed the document, what further revisions did you make and why? Where would you recommend showing this slide show?

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