Part 1 Address the following in Topic 1: 1. View “One Smooth Stone.” 2. Students can gain additional insight on the company by viewing the company’s promo video and website at the following links: a. One Smooth Stone: b. One Smooth Stone: Giving Back: 3.

Address the following questions:

a. How do Mark Ledogar and Gary Vik exemplify the definition of management?

b. Which of Mintzberg’s managerial roles do Ledogar and Vik display in the video?

c. Which of Katz’s management skills are evident in this video?

d. In what way is One Smooth Stone an open system?

Explain your answer. Part 2 Based on the videos and your responses to the questions in Part 1, describe in an essay how One Smooth Stone demonstrates/applies any three management theories discussed in the text. In your response, for each of the three management theories selected, be sure to address each of the following management approaches: classical, behavioral, and modern management. (Modern management approaches include the quantitative, systems, contingency, quality-management, or learning organization viewpoints). Reflecting on your organization and address the following: 1. How does management in your organization compare to management at One Smooth Stone? 2. What two management theories are currently being applied in your organization? Do you believe they are the most effective choices? Why or why not?

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