Read the case study Comfort Homes, which outlines the story of James, an entrepreneurial manager who rescues a failing business manufacturing transportable houses, and turns it into a highly successful enterprise. However, he now faces a number of opportunities for future growth and needs to undertake a review of his business strategy. Having read the case, and examined it against the material outlined in this chapter, prepare a report for the owner-manager to assist him when preparing a future strategy and plan for the business.


1. What has been the performance of James as an owner-manager? In doing so, consider:

• the resources he has had available;

• the experience of him and his team;

• the control systems he has used;

• the ideas and innovation for new products that he has demonstrated, and the leadership he has shown.

2. How would you profile James – as a shopkeeper, a salesman, an administrator, or a CEO? 3. What is the nature of James’ task environment? Examine this question using the Strategic Development Framework (Figure 7.1 and Figure 7.3 in Chapter 7 of the Textbook) and make reference to:

• The potential threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths James faces in his new market opportunities;

• The key considerations James will need to make in relation to his ability to build strong dynamic capabilities within each new targeted market given the resources he has to apply.

4. If James was to prepare a strategic plan for the future direction of his business, what key things should he consider? In answering this, address the structure of his business model using the business model canvas (see Figure 7.1), and what each new strategic opportunity may do to impact on this with specific attention to:

• his vision and mission,

• his product and customer value proposition,

• the profit formula,

• the key processes, and

• the key resources required.


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