As the forensics lead for a major corporate forensics team, you have made the discovery from a tip from the IT administrator that there are unauthorized wireless devices both inside and outside the corporate firewall attempting to interact with the corporate access point. It is suspected that a business competitor is attempting to gain access to sensitive records on a project your corporation is attempting to capture. In a meeting with the head of corporate security, you must lay out the plan to capture this unauthorized wireless activity using IDS/IPS tools, and you must ultimately identify, isolate, and eradicate this wireless threat. In addition, the head of corporate security would like to see what procedures you will use to analyze the network activity.

The following topics will be required in your recommendation paper:

  • A title page with the names of the participating members
  • An introduction (abstract optional) detailing the major points of the discussion
  • The operational procedures for using IDS/IPS devices
  • The operational procedures for using Encase, WinDump, Snort, and tcpdump tools
  • The use of APA in the main body of the paper to support all technical assertions (e.g., Mahaney, 2010)
  • A reference list in APA format

The report should be a minimum of 3–4 pages in length (excluding the title page) in MS Word and neatly formatted. Sources should be properly cited in APA style. All major bullets should be expanded upon. References should be placed in APA in the Reference list.

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