OL 667 Final Project Milestone Two: Implementation Cost & Security

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OL 667 Final Project Milestone Two: Implementation Cost & Security

Projected Implementation Cost of HRIS (Hardware, Software, Software License Fees)

The firm hopes to go ahead with the implementation of a cloud-based information system to be used in the new HRIS system. HRIS system that is cloud-based is easier to implement and make use of in an organization when compared to on-site systems. This is due to the rapid advancement in technology, and companies are struggling with coping up with the current trends (“10 Ways HRIS”, 2017). With the adoption of cloud based HRIS, the costs incurred in the organization will be minimized in several ways. Also, more space will be saved, and little time will be consumed. If the funds will be saved, which will be redirected to other departments in the organization and the firm will grow.

The adoption of cloud based HRIS will exempt the firm from purchasing hardware requirements to run the organizations because most of the activities will be undertaken online with the help of software. Depreciation of the value of the hardware equipment, reduction in their value, and challenges of upgrading to new devices will have been minimized. Information loss will also be taken good care of because the information will be stored in the cloud (, 2018). No physical storage location of the information. It is worth noting that the organization will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee. The purpose of the monthly subscription fees will cater to the updates, maintenance, and provision of continuous support for the services being provided.

The implementation of cloud based HRIS is relatively cheaper to implement than the onsite services. This will allow the organization to move forward. The internet charges that will be incurred will range from $2.5 to $12 per head and per month. The total costs of implementing the system will range between $1000 to $5000 every month. However, the charges will depend on the type of system that has been installed in the organization and the services which are needed. Although the maintenance will incur some charges, the overall charges will be smaller than the on-site.

For the organization to make use of a new system, self-service for the employees will have to be set up. Employees will be forced to keep track of what they are doing so that they can evaluate their progress and growth. The firm will have to purchase more computers so that accessing the online platforms have been accessed easily (HRIS Analyst Salaries, 2018). Upon evaluation of various HRIS options currently available in the market, two different merchants seem to be ideal. These are UltiPro Workplace and Bamboo HR. The two merchants will have to be examined independently and the ones which are cost-friendly will be adopted. The license and subscription fees will be a factor to consider before arriving at the final decision.

Facility Upgrades Needed

The organization relies on a manual legacy system. This will be required to change to a cloud-based system. For this reason, the upgrades which will be needed will be few and minor, implying that the costs are small. Software as a Service (SaaS) will be relied on and it will bring benefits to the organization. This software will come with several benefits from the merchant will be responsible for offering continuous upgrades and support for the organization. This means that the organization will be struggling with few worries (Markgraf, 2018). For this reason, the funds put aside for this function will be channeled to other activities in the organization. SaaS will also be responsible for the provision of security measures within the organization.

Headcount Increase

For the successful implementation of cloud based HRIS in the organization, the firm must formulate a new HRIS analyst. The roles of the analyst will include but are not limited to assisting the organization with necessary training of the system. The analyst will also assist the IT support department with the issues which might arise. The analyst will be made the head of the HR department because of his vast knowledge of technology (, 2018). The average salary of the new HRIS will range between $70,000 and $100,000 annually. Although this might look high, it is proportional to the duties that they will be handling in the organization.

The implementation will also get rid of all manual processes associated with the preparation of payroll of all 450-on site processing. The payroll manager of the firm will be given additional tasks. This is because some of the duties will be undertaken automatically online. The current account clerks in the organization will also be retained in the organization but they will be given different duties (DeFilippo, 2018). They will be taken to a training workshop so that they will come back and start training other members of the organization on how to work with the new platform. Also, they will help in shaping the organization to accommodate the new system.

Return of Investment

Implementation of an HRIS system is normally associated with intangible and tangible resources that make a project a success. Intangible costs include but are not limited to training of the employees about the new system and adjustments of the new job positions. Tangible costs include the license fees, purchase of equipment, software costs, and license fees. If the organization will opt to make use of the UltiPro workplace, it will cost the organization $144. In case the organization will opt to utilize BambooHR as the primary cloud based HRIS, it will cost the organization $248. If the organization can successfully offload the members who were associated with the manual payroll system, it will be easier to raise the money. In this light, the implementation will save at least $92,000 for the organization.

Security Recommendations

All security measures any vendor takes to guarantee the safety of the information on the cloud should be understood by every member of the organization before making a final decision. The cloud based HRIS to be implemented will have to consider the necessary measures to ensure that information is safe (Bauer, 2018). In the contemporary world, cybercrimes are on the rise. Since the system is online, this means that such measures must be in place so that confidential information will be safe. Protection of confidential employee information will minimize cases of data breaches. All trained HR professionals are mandated in ensuring that members of the organization have been briefed about information security. Besides, they will formulate the policies that will have to be followed.

IT department and HR will be required to collaborate with cloud service vendors. This will ensure that all the goals of the parties have been attained. They will work handy in ensuring that organizational processes are safe (Bauer, 2018). The two parties will serve to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information that is not supposed to be tampered with.

cloud based HRIS system should be fully encrypted. All staff members will be allocated unique login credentials and they will be advised to update them regularly, all hard copies will be kept by the administrators away from the site. The HR department will be granted access to some sort of personal information. This will allow the organization to uphold accountability of what the employees are doing and what they can access. The system dashboard should be set in a manner that all employees can easily access what they need easily. Tabs connecting them to various activities should be made available readily.



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