The typical executive compensation package includes a base salary, bonus, equity appreciation, new equity/option grants, benefits, and perquisites. Should executive compensation be fixed and in alignment with the employees they lead, or should their overall compensation represent a fraction of the organization’s overall growth and success? Share examples in support of your argument.
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GreggU. (2018b, September 16).Executive Compensation [Video]. YouTube.

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CEO  and  Senior  Executive   Compensation  in  Private  Companies   EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY   About  the  Research   Chief  Executive  Research  surveyed  1,351  companies  in  April  2014  about  their  2013   fiscal  year  compensation  levels  and  practices,  as  well  as  their  expected  cash  compensation   levels  for  senior  executives  in  2014.  Data  from  the  1,250  private  companies  that  responded   are  included  in  our  acclaimed  annual  CEO  &  Senior  Executive  Compensation  Report  for   Private  Companies.   We  received  responses  from  private  companies  providing  detailed  data  about   compensation  packages  for  ten  senior  executive  positions,  as  well  as  comprehensive   information  about  executive  compensation  policies  and  practices.  The  substantial  response   provided  meaningful  data  for  companies  across  revenue  ranges,  industries,  regions,  and   ownership  types,  with  diverse  profitability  and  growth  trajectories.    While  most  data  sources  on  CEO  compensation  focus  on  the  largest  public   companies,  our  research  gives  truer  insight  into  the  compensation  of  CEOs  of  the   approximately  6  million  private  companies  with  employees,  not  the  misrepresentative  S&P   500.     Please  see  the  full  report  for  complete  compensation  data  broken  down  by  company   demographics  and  performance.

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