Properprop is an Australian real estate company involved in a variety of real estate investments and activities. The company has a large number of customers who require a range of different real estate related services. One of the main subsystems of the organisation’s information system is the “Sales Management” subsystem. This subsystem is used by Properprop sales managers and agents to identify trends, opportunities for selling properties and to automate the data collection process for sales agents. Based on an initial requirement gathering process, the following requirements have been identified for the “Sales Management” subsystem: • Sales Data: Properprop stakeholders want to record and save all the sale data, including the sale type (private, auction), type of the property, sale date and time, amount of sale, buyer and seller names and sale documents. • Contact management: Properprop stakeholders want to record and save all buyer and seller contact details, call history, activity tracking, and contact history. • Opportunity management: Properprop stakeholders want to record and save potential buyer goals and objectives in purchasing a property, including the type of the properties that the buyer is looking for, their budget, their preference of location, and their contact details. • Productivity and time management: Properprop managers and agents want to manage their daily work schedule by organizing meetings with potential buyers and sellers through calendar invites, task scheduling, and document management. • Analytics: Properprop stakeholders want to be able to visualize sales data in dashboards, graphs, and charts by filtering sales data such as overall sales and sales per agent for different periods. 4 © Didasko 2021. All rights reserved. Tasks Task 1 – Use Case Analysis [5 marks] You need to develop five Use Cases, one Use Case per requirement of the Sales Management subsystem as listed in the scenario. When documenting each Use Case use “Use Case Template” as outlined below. All up you should have 5 use cases. 1. Use Case Template 1.1. Name: 1.2. Goal: 1.3. Pre-condition: 1.7. Primary Actor: 1.8. Secondary Actor(s): Task 2 – Use Case Diagram [5 marks] Create a Use Case diagram for the ‘Sales Management Subsystem’. Make sure you identify dependency (include & extend) relationships where applicable. [5 marks] Task 3 – Class Diagram [5 marks] Create a complete Class Diagram for the ‘Sales Management Subsystem’ with associations and multiplicity information. In your class diagram you need to define any relationship that can be described by aggregation/composition and/or generalisation/specialisation.

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