PG Industries (PGI) is a relatively new company that began producing computer chips and other parts used in cars after the slowdown from overseas suppliers. The president of PGI has tasked you as the director of training with her top priority, drafting a new quality control training program for this manufacturing company to ensure better quality products and service across several company teams —procurement, distribution, and customer service. You propose the training program to senior management of the three teams but the director of the customer service department is not convinced this affects their department. This resistance to acceptance and adoption of the new training program is beginning to cause the other two departments’ senior managers to question the efficacy of such a training program. You know that without the support of even one of the three departments, the initiative is not likely to succeed. You realize that this initiative is important to the president of PGI, and you need to plan and prioritize how you will succeed as the leader tomanage this change.

  • Utilize the Unit 9 Template.
  • Review Exhibit 15.9 from your textbook.
  • Based on the information provided in this scenario, draft a persuasive essay that identifies what you believe will be the four most effective ways from Exhibit 15.9 one might manage resistance to change in implementing the new training program.
  • Prepare an implementation plan using the four change management methods you identified prioritizing the steps needed to manage the resistance to change.
  • Explain your choice of each tactic and how it is most appropriate in this circumstance.
  • The paper is required to include an introduction, conclusion and be at least two double-spaced pages in length, using 11-point Georgia font. For assistance writing a paper or formatting a reference list in APA format, please see the Academic Writer link under Academic Tools.
  • Reference the course textbook and a minimum of one article from the Purdue University Global Library.

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