A: Perform a literature review of critical factors/attributes that make the above ecommerce sites successful. As part of your research, you should focus on a number of attributes such as the web site design, ease of use, information quality, trustworthiness, security, payment options and social network presence. Employ at least five reference articles in your review.
Create an evaluation matrix based on the factors you uncovered in your literature review. You should group similar attributes in a number of key categories. It is important to include a quantitative method for evaluating each attribute such as a score out of 5.
Please read the following article on how to setup a scoring matrix:
Part B: Use your evaluation matrix to critically appraise the top 10 e-commerce sites in Australia. After completing the matrix for each of the sites, you need to justify why you gave the scores including examples of best practice, and comparisons between the same attributes on different sites. As part of the discussion, you may refer to additional sources and provide links to appropriate sections of those sites to highlight good or bad design. The report should be presented professionally, have a cover page, table of contents, introduction include Part A literature review and Part B evaluation of the 10 websites. In the appendix you should place your final evaluation matrix. References should be included using the Harvard method.

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