1. How would you describe John Nash during the first third of the film? (guiding questions) What was his personality like? How did he view himself? How did he interact with others?

2. In what ways do you see changes in John Nash’s personality throughout the second third of the movie?

3. Knowing the signs and symptoms of Schizophrenia, describe at least 2 events in the film that reflect each symptom listed below. “Example: Hallucinations- When John speaks to his roommate Charles at the bar.” (please DO NOT use this example)

a. Hallucinations (hearing voices/seeing things that aren’t real)

b. Paranoia

c. Poor Hygiene

d. Irrational behavior

e. Break From Reality

f. Violent Episodes

4. John’s wife plays an important role in his life and with his coping with schizophrenia. What would you do if someone you cared about was diagnosed with a mental illness? How would you try to help them? How would you try to help yourself?

5. Is there a “cure” for schizophrenia? What life-changing behaviors has John continued to do to make sure his life is what it was at the conclusion of the film?

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