JCT 2011 SBC With quantities without sectional completions

A few pointers


The task is a professional style report, referenced appropriately, relating to the contractual remedies and practical solutions which may be available to the project team in the event of a substantial delay which has caused a dispute in terms of the way in which this has been assessed by the Employer’s team.


  • Assignment Criteria is attached, please read carefully


  • The Contract here is JCT 2011 SBC With quantities without sectional completions


  • Report should be no less than 2000 words


  • This is not legal writing, this is professional contractual writing, write it in fairly clear terminology as if you were writing to somebody who is a professional but not necessarily in this field
  • The only referencing that should be done is referencing of the contract.
  • Contractor has done the right things (we think) He’s given notice, he’s told the government administrator that there are delays.. He’s been given some extension of time but it’s a lot less than he wants.
  • We can see that one of the party’s isn’t really playing board, isn’t really dealing with things like they should do
  • Implication here is one of two things, either the contractor has been asking for far to much and hiding delays that were of his making OR the employer in the form on the contract administrator project manager has been being a bit mean in calculating the delay, calculation the extension of time
  • So theirs some time that has been awarded but not all of the time

So we need to look at what the reasons are might be for that, and how can we go about advising, how the contractor can go about getting a better deal or not, so there’s questions that need to be asked.

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