A typical computer system comprises a QWERTY keyboard, a mouse and a color screen.There is usually some form of loudspeaker as well. You should know how the keyboard,mouse and screen work – if not, read up on it. What sort of input does the keyboardsupport? What sort of input does the mouse support? Are these adequate for all possibleapplications? If not, to which areas are they most suited? Do these areas map well ontothe typical requirements for users of computer systems? If you were designing akeyboard for a modern computer, and you wanted to produce a faster, easier-to-uselayout, what information would you need to know and how would that influence thedesign?

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Students are required to review the case study below and answer the questions that follow. Word Limit:  1,000 – 1,200 words COCA-COLA AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY The Coca-Cola Company’s global diversity mission is to mirror the rich diversity of the marketplace it serves and be recognized for its leadership in diversity, inclusion, and fairness in all aspects of its business, including workplace, marketplace, supplier, and community, enhancing the Company’s social license to operate. Diversity is at the heart of Coca-Cola’s business.  It strives to create a work environment that provides all its associates equal access to information, development, and opportunity.  By building an inclusive workplace environment, it seeks to leverage its global team of associates, which is rich in diverse people, talent, and ideas.  Coca-Cola sees diversity as more than just policies and practices.  It is an integral part of who it is as a company, how it operates and how it sees the future. As a global business, Coca-Cola’s ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world, both in the marketplace and in the workplace, is critical to its long-term sustainability and, specifically, impacts its ability to meet its 2020 Vision People goals.  Many people across the company continue to work diligently to help Coca-Cola advance in its diversity journey and build its practices on diversity, inclusion, and fairness.  The multinational also includes its associates in the process.  Coca-Cola garners groups, various diversity education programmes, and its Resolution Resources Programme, where associates can work to resolve issues, they face in the Coca-Cola company. Coca-Cola’s inclusive culture is defined by its seven core values: leadership, passion, integrity, collaboration, diversity, quality, and accountability. The central promise at The Coca-Cola Company is to refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit and inspire moments of optimism;

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