Confrontations and negotiation techniques are essential for each company whether it is a larger company or a smaller company. Confrontation and negotiation techniques can bring new life to the business by creating several strategies and performing re-assessments in resolving conflicts that help to gain competitive benefits over a business rival.  A conflict is an event that can come into sight in every fragment of organizational existence, and it will lead to various consequences in the form of performance and financial elements. If it is managed properly, conflicts will bring optimistic progress to an organization and it is enormously crucial (Chandran, R. R). Conflicts somehow work as performance boosters in a team when conflicting conditions arise. Hence understanding and dealing with conflicts become very imperative and conflict is rather to be anticipated.

The negotiation process will take care of the information about different facets of the confrontation then negotiation, strategies, groundwork, procedures, cultures, and even ethical measurement linked to it since confrontations and negotiations have become the characteristics of any organization. There is no guarantee that conflicts arise within a team or between two participants but also among top management, leaders, employees stakeholders, and even partners (De Dreu, C. K. 2010). However, the size of the organization determines the techniques of negotiation they go for. It can help to pick a suitable negotiation technique that uses in handling conflicts in their organization and ensures the work done in possibly less time.  It’s better to resolve them as soon as possible before they become more complex from a simpler issue. In the way to achieve that, an organization will require to reset goals, identify substitution and alternative supports. A larger organization needs more effective strategies, unlike smaller organizations, where conflict resolution is exceptional and much easier. Before going to further processes, it is significant to study the past affiliation, possible result, and the expected outcomes of either success or failure (Singh, B. D. (2008).  Internal confrontation and negotiations are somehow can easily be handled within the organization since business leaders or owners have full control over the management and business functions along with responsibility. Nevertheless, external confrontations and resolution are a hazard and intricate to most organizations.

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