Key Assessment Information

Overview Length or Duration Worth Due
Your group has secured a consulting assignment from a client organisation. The client has provided you with a document identifying the problem, background to the problem, suggested research approach and research questions, and suggested methodology.


The consulting assignment requires you to research a challenging problem identified by the client, implement an appropriate methodology to research the problem, develop an appropriate solution in the form of recommendations, and write up a consulting report.


3500-4000 words 50% Week 8, 23:59 AEST


The purpose of this assessment task is to research the client’s problem, develop a solution and formulate a consulting report which includes the following information:

  • Description and analysis of the client’s problem
  • Research addressing the client’s problem
  • Recommendations to solve the client’s problem


The unit learning outcomes assessed are:

  • LO1: Design an appropriate methodology and framework to address a complex business challenge based on research;
  • LO2: Critically review and respond to a client project brief in an ethical manner, with attention to sustainability;
  • LO3: Articulate and defend innovative solutions and recommendations that add value to a client’s organisation;
  • LO4: Exemplify interpersonal skills to collaborate and communicate effectively;
  • LO5: Exhibit business acumen and professional experience: and,
  • LO6: Critically reflect on individual development as an effective business consultant/leader.



Researching, developing solutions, and producing a consulting report which addresses the client’s problem is a core capability required in a consulting firm. As a consultant, your reputation will rest on the quality of your consultancy reports.

A good consulting report needs to meet requirements such as the following ( opens in new window):

  • Provide answers to the client’s problems
  • Has a logical plan
  • Speaks to the report’s intended audience
  • Includes concrete recommendations
  • Succinct and written in plain English

To be successful, your consulting report needs to demonstrate that you have understood the client’s problem, developed and implemented a suitable methodology to research the problem, and developed recommendations that directly address solutions to the client’s problem.

This assessment provides you with the opportunity to gain experience and insight into the knowledge and process required for a consultant to research and develop solutions to a client’s problem and respond effectively with a consulting report.



To complete this assessment your group needs to develop a response to the supplied client consulting assignment document by progressing through the following steps:

    1. Meet with group, discuss how you will work together; read, understand and discuss assessment2 brief
    2. Attend, engage with activities, content and learning from sessions3 to 8
    3. Research and gather information to effectively respond to the client’s problem with relevant recommendations. RFP. Starting resources are available on Blackboard for sessions3 to 8
    4. Write up assessment using the suggested report structure
    5. Submit the assessment

A proposed report structure is as follows:


  1. Introduction
    1. Background to the consulting assignment; purpose of the report.
    2. Something about your consulting firm.
  2. Problemdefinition and outcomes desired
    1. Problem that the client organisation wishes solved, and the outcome desired by the client.
  3. Description of the methodology
    1. A description of the methodology that you propose in order to deliver the solution required.
  4. Description and analysisof the research done to address the problem
  5. Recommendations to solve the client’s problem
  6. Conclusion
  7. References
  8. Attachments (as required)


The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:

  • Criterion 1: Demonstrating a clear understanding of the client’s business problem and the outcome desired by the client (20%)
  • Criterion 2: Researchingusingan effective methodology to solve the client’s problem (40%)
  • Criterion 3: Development of concrete/specific recommendations to solve the client’s problem (20%)
  • Criterion 4: Well written report with reference to appropriate literature (20%)

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