gender equality, women's empowerment and the united nations

I ordered a research proposal before two weeks ago and i submitted it to my Pro , and now i want to complete the whole research and add some things that the professor told me about. the research paper should be double spaced and 8000- 9000 words long( approx 30-35) pages, using a standard 12 point font. the paper must engage centrally with theories, concepts, and readings discussed in class ( i will upload the readings).the paper should not be simply a descriptive piece or stand entirely apart from the materials in the course , there should be a clear relationship between the papers content and the course as a whole. the proposal that you wrote to me was (Religious aspect is one of the dimensions of global feminism that is experienced in many parts of the world to include the Middle-Eastern region, with Egypt to be specific). i received some comments on it from my professor, she said ( Based on your interests, I think it would be fascinating to compare two major transnational advocacy networks of Muslim women: Musawah and Women Living Under Muslim Laws. WLUML is a very well-known group and has a longer history than Musawah. But both groups work transnationally to find a way to be both feminist and faithful.
You could map their work by analyzing some of the documents on their websites:

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