1 a) explain the difference between cyclical and mechanical transmission in trypanosomes
b) explain the difference in transmission between the salivarian and stercocarian trypanosomes
c. name he disease caused by Trypanosoma cruzi
2 a) name 4 developmental stages of malaria parasites found in the mosquito vector
b) explain the meaning of the following terminologies:
i) pre- patent period
ii) incubation period
d) Mention 2 sites in the human body where malaria parasites multiply during their development cycle.
3 explain the 5 developmental stages of a trematode life cycle outside its definitive host.
4a) discuss 4 methods of asexual reproduction in sponges
b) explain the environmental importance of sponges.
5 a) name 4 cell types found in the gastrodermis of cnidarians
b) explain what zoochlorella and zooxanthellae are and their functions.
c) mention 2 functions of the gastrovascular cavity.
6 explain 5 advantages of having a body cavity in invertebrates.



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