Early Childhood FCA Unit 10 Assignment


You learned about the value of professional organization membership in this unit and the benefits of active membership. One of the ways that professionals remain current in the early childhood profession is through attending and presenting at professional conferences. Examples of professional conferences in early childhood are the NAEYC Annual Conference, the NAEYC Professional Learning Institute, the annual Division of Early Childhood Conference (DEC), and state-level conferences. The assignment will provide you with the opportunity to compose a poster presentation appropriate for a student conference presentation.


Imagine that as a student at Purdue University Global, you have the opportunity to present a poster at the annual professional development conference called Purdue Global Village. Purdue Global Village will hold a poster session where you will present your poster visually and with speaker notes to be prepared to answer any questions during the live poster session.

You will use the template to complete the following on the one-slide poster presentation:

  1. The topic of your poster is to create family partnerships while respecting the vital role of parents. Choose a title that encompasses this topic area. Also, choose what age you are targeting: infants, toddlers, or preschoolers and include this in your title. An example title is “Strategies to Partner with Parents in a Preschool Classroom.”
  2. Recommend three strategies that are detailed and specific to create family partnerships.
  3. Defend how each of the three strategies addresses respect for the parent role.
  4. Include detailed speaker notes to explain the three recommended strategies and defense of these strategies as respectful of the parent role.
  5. Include two references in APA format.

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