For this short report, think about a negotiation you have that is upcoming or you expect that will likely to occur in the future. Prepare for this negotiation in the following 5 steps and provide your answers to the questions in paragraphs in your report.

1) Identify the negotiation condition by providing the following information:

a. Who is your negotiation counterpart?

b. What are the objectives of this negotiation (main items to negotiate)?

c. What is the time frame for this negotiation (e.g., in a meeting next month or over multiple days next week)?

2) Analyze your position. What are your TP, RP, and BATNA in this negotiation? Provide justification for your TP, RP, and BATNA.

3) Explore the tangible and intangible interests for you in this negotiation. Next, explore the tangible and intangible interests for your counterpart in this negotiation. You and your negotiation counterpart are likely to have some shared and some unique interests.

4) What types of power do you have and what types of power do you your counterpart have (see textbook for five types of power)? Explain WHY you and your counterpart have these types of power.

5) Discuss your strategies to achieve the integrative potential in this negotiation. Specify WHAT you will do during the negotiation to increase the integrative potential and WHY your strategies will work.

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