• Assignment
    1. A recent report by a rebate fulfillment service showed that the average redemption rate for a $50 rebate on a product that costs $200 is only 35%. Why do you think redemption rates for rebates are so low? How might these low redemption rates affect a marketer’s decision regarding the use of rebates as a promotional tool?
    2. Discuss the various types of trade promotions used by marketers, giving attention to the objectives as well as the pros and cons of each.
    3. Why do companies get involved in event sponsorship? Is this an effective strategy? Give examples of event sponsorships that were successful and some that were not.
    4. Most managers believe that they should be measuring the effectiveness of their advertising programs. However, studies have shown that they usually do not do so. Cite some of the reasons why managers should measure effectiveness and why they do not.

    Submission requirements:

    • Each question should be answered in two to three paragraphs.

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