discuss important performers if album is a solo artist

Pasadena City College Spring 2021 Music 24B – History of Rock Music Kyle Luck, Instructor

Classic Album Documentary Report (50pts.)

Papers must be submitted electronically (Word Doc or PDF) through CANVAS By Saturday, May 22 (11:59pm cut off)


Eagle Vision Classic Album DVD Series – Available to purchase through Amazon or view on YouTube and view/rent on Amazon Prime

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Damn the Torpedoes The Doors: The Doors Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures (discuss both albums) Pink Floyd : The Dark Side of The Moon Cream: Disraeli Gears Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Queen: A Night at the Opera Bob Marley and the Wailers: Catch a Fire U2: The Joshua Tree The Who: Who’s Next Duran Duran: Rio Black Sabbath: Paranoid Steely Dan: Aja Fleetwood Mac: Rumours Paul Simon: Graceland Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast Judas Priest: British Steel Metallica: Metallica Def Leppard: Hysteria Phil Collins: Face Value Look for this logo on DVD Peter Gabriel: So Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell The Grateful Dead: Anthem to Beauty (2 albums) Lou Reed: Transformer The Band: The Band Motorhead: Ace of Spades Simply Red: Stars *DVDs are available to purchase through Amazon.com – Eagle Vision Classic Album series. Make sure you purchase/rent/view the correct documentary DVD.



Choose one of the listed Classic Album DVD Documentaries. Watch the Entire Video (you can certainly view the extras, if accessible, but they are not required to complete this paper assignment.)

Keep your entire paper in essay/paragraph form – NO LISTS Also Do Not restate questions in paper followed by answer.

PAGE 1 – Title page with the full title of the documentary, your name, course info (Music 24B – Prof. Luck) and Date (this page does not count towards your 4 pages) – see sample paper PAGES 2-5 – Discuss the following: Items to discuss in your paper:

• Name of the classic album – artist and album title • Year of album’s release (not DVD’s release) • State/Give all the tracks from this album as they are presented on the DVD

documentary*. (Do not include the bonus material section.) *Be aware that these DVD documentaries often present music in a different order than found on their related albums.

• Name band members and their respective instruments (or discuss important performers if album is a solo artist)

• Where does this album appear in artist’s discography? Include all albums that precede (come before, if any) this album and the one that immediately follows (if applicable).

• Discuss the evolution of the artist/band and how they developed. Discuss historical info about band/artist from documentary. However, DO NOT make this the focus of your paper.

• Pick five musical selections discussed in documentary (state the song titles). For each selection state a minimum of three important in-depth, detailed and distinct facts, given in DVD documentary. These must be three dissimilar facts. State facts given only and not personal opinions. Each song discussion must be its own paragraph.

• Discuss any special recording techniques utilized discussed in documentary. • Discuss the critical and commercial impact of the album itself. (use and cite

additional research sources) • Mention important information given in documentary on album’s production, concept,

title, instruments, etc…. • Why the album is considered important enough to be a “classic album” worthy of a

documentary? (cite additional research sources)

Final Page – Works Cited – THIS IS A MUST for an academic paper!

Use Easybib.com or comparable web site to generate a proper bibliography citing for the documentary that is the subject of your paper. Films citations need to include the director’s name and publishing or production company along with year it was produced.

See sample at end of instructions

IMPORTANT – Keep the paper’s focus on the album and the info given in documentary – not on the overall history of the artist/band.



DO NOT SIMPLY LIFT INFO FROM WIKIPEDIA or OTHER WEB SITES. Any papers with more then 10% Turnitin rating may be subject to Plagiarism penalties (zero grade and academic dishonesty report filed with Student Affairs). You MUST ALWAYS CITE YOUR SOURCES. This includes citing the Classic Album Documentary. Use easybib.com PAPER SPECIFICS*

• Chicago style (preferred) or MLA writing format – or hybrid of both.

• 4 pages (5 maximum) in the paper’s body along with a cover page and bibliography page.

• Include a separate WORK(S) CITED or BIBLIOGRAPHY page Use easybib.com to generate legitimate bibliographic entries (include the documentary film in your bibliography).

• Papers 2 pages or less will not be accepted (0 points allotted). There is no partial

credit for partial work. Only complete papers will be accepted.

• 12pt. Times, Times New Roman or Cambria font used throughout paper.

• 1-1.25 inch margins on ALL SIDES – especially top and bottom.

• Left Justification only (NEVER use full justification for academic papers).

• Double-spaced throughout paper. Do not use 2.5 or larger spacing EVER!

• Indent all paragraphs (and please use paragraphs – it’s not easy to read and comprehend a 1 plus page paragraph)

• No 1st or 2nd Person references (I, we, us, you) Stay 3rd person (he, she, they, it)


• No lists – keep the entire paper in paragraph form throughout.

• SPELL CHECK – there is simply no excuse for typos. Proof your paper carefully before submitting. (Have a friend or family member read it for additional proofing.)

• Use correct punctuations throughout – see provided guide on last page of instructions.

• Avoid contractions. Don’t – Do not use contractions in a formal writing style.

• No background graphics or photos to be used in the paper’s main body.

*Papers not conforming to all directed formatting and punctuation instructions will be subject to grade penalty or may not be accepted. LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL MAY 25 (11:59pm) with a 10 point penalty assessed.




This is an ACADEMIC PAPER and not a creative writing assignment. Do not state personal opinions. Back up statements with facts and always cite your sources. Always refer to the film source as the documentary or documentary film and not to the DVD or any other platform. A DVD is simply a platform to display the documentary. Assume your reader knows nothing of the subject matter. You, the writer, are the expert on the subject matter. Be concise but thorough. Keep to the facts and avoid flowery statements like “The Doors’ music made me feel groovy,” or subjective opinionated proclamations like, “Nirvana is the greatest band of all-time.” (According to whom?) STATING NAMES When stating names ALWAYS give the person’s first and last name and then either refer to them with their full name or last name for the remainder of the paper. NEVER refer to only first names. According to Kyle Luck it is important to state the full name. Luck then went on to give additional facts. Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of the band. Cobain (NOT KURT) also composed the songs…


This paper is considered an academic work so utilize consistent formal writing styles throughout.

• Papers not citing sources fully and accurately will not be accepted. • Never copy or lift material from a source and claim it is your own. This is called

plagiarism and will result in an automatic zero (F) and a Student Misconduct Report for Academic Dishonesty.


Dates January 1, 2020 not January 1st 2020 do not add th st to numbers. It’s understood. it’s vs. its it’s is a conjunction of it is and its is the possessive (no apostrophe used here) Album Titles are italicized Band Names are not

Examples BAND ALBUM TITLES FILM TITLES Nirvana Nevermind Hired Guns The Doors The Doors The Wrecking Crew The Who Who’s Next David Foster: Off the Record Black Sabbath Paranoid Miss Americana: Taylor Swift

Punctuations for Song Titles – “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Lithium,” and “Polly” are all on the album Nevermind by Nirvana. (NOTE the commas go inside the double quotations)

n Place double quotation marks on both ends of the title of the song. “Here Comes the Sun” is an example.

n Put question marks and exclamation marks that are part of the song title (as in “Does He Love Me?”) inside the quotation marks.

n Place all commas and periods inside the quotation marks even if they are not part of the song when the song title is part of a text: The band played “Statesboro Blues.”

n Capitalize the first word, the last word and the nouns in the title. Conjunctions (“but,” “and” or “or”), prepositions (“on,” “to” or “in,” for example) or articles (“a,” “an” or “the”) are not capitalized unless they are the first or last words. However, many publications and styles require that you capitalize any preposition or conjunction that is four letters in length or longer (for example, “With” or “Either”).




The Apostrophe the 1990’s (incorrect) the 1990s (correct) the 90s (incorrect) the ’90s (correct) rock ‘n roll (incorrect) rock ‘n’ roll (correct) FYI – do not capitalize rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, punk, heavy metal, etc… Papers will be graded on content and structure. Please take the time to correct all typos and punctuations before submitting your final work.

HOW TO DO YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY or WORKS CITED PAGE Bibliography or Work(s) Cited Example for a full length film such as the one assigned for this paper.

(centered) Work Cited

(Works if more than one entry) For a movie on an online platform like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc…

Last Name, First Name, director. Year. Title of Movie. Production Company or Distributor. URL. Indent for any info that goes beyond the first line so last name sticks out on left. Scorsese, Martin, director. 2019. The Irishman. Netflix. https://www.netflix.com/title/80175798. If viewing a disc (DVD/Blu-ray), then do the following: Last Name, First Name, director. Year. Title of Movie. Production Company or Distributor. Indent for any info that goes beyond the first line so last name sticks out on left. Coppola, Francis Ford, director. 1972 The Godfather. Paramount Pictures.

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