The Report (10 Marks)Your presentation to your client must be in the form of a business report. You must ensure that you incorporate the needed data, calculations, explanations, and references seamlessly into this report. The basic requirements include:

• title page

• table of contents

• introduction

• well planned sections (data collection, data analysis)

• conclusion and recommendations

• bibliography Data Collection (20 Marks)

• Discuss, explain, and justify your method of data collection, population and sample selection and size.

• Use a questionnaire, consisting of a minimum of 10 questions; to be included in the report including a justification for each question showing the need and purpose of the question and planned use of the resulting data.

• Note that each question asked will be assessed based on the guidelines provided in Chapter 4of your prescribed textbook.

• Ensure that some of your questions produce sufficient cardinal data for further calculations.

• Use Google Forms or any other form of data collection software for your data collection.

Ensure that you keep evidence upon the requests of your lecturer.

• Make sure that you have enough responses to make your calculations meaningful.
Data Analysis and Presentation (70 Marks)

• Present the results of the questionnaire using the most applicable tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams to explain the data.

• Use some of the ratio data collected (at least one) and calculate and explain the meaning of the following: o Meano Modeo Mediano Quartileso Rangeo Measurement of deviation

• Compare your results throughout this report with other sources and research.

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