a. Explain the following: (3 Marks)
i. Software engineering
ii. Process framework
iii. Generic framework activities
b. i. Explain how the process model differs from one another. (2 Marks)
ii. Explain reasons for the failure of Water Fall Model. (2 Marks)
iii. Explain the drawbacks of RAD Model. (2 Marks)
iv. Describe the different phases of unified process. (2 Marks)
c. i. Explain the use of process technology tools. (2 Marks)
ii. Differentiate between the “known risks” and “predictable risks” (1 Mark)
iii. Explain principles of software project scheduling. (2 Marks)
iv. Describe what a system engineering model accomplishes. (2 Marks)
v. Explain the requirements engineering process functions. (2 Marks)
d. Explain the following terms:
i. Abstraction
ii. Modularity
iii. Differentiate between software quality control and software quality assurance. (1 Mark)





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