Dialyzer clearance data for the Baxter EXELTRA—obtained from their product information—is shown in the following table:

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a. From this information, use Figure 15.10 to determine the total membrane permeation rate (KS) for urea, creatinine, phosphate, and vitamin B12, for each system (i.e., for EXELTRA 150, 170, 190, and Plus 210).

b. Use the additional data from problem 1 to answer this question: Does the permeability for each solute differ in each of the units (i.e., in EXELTRA 150 vs. 170 vs. 190 vs. Plus 210)? Explain your answer.

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Problem 1

Baxter Healthcare Corporation has long been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of dialyzers. In 2006, they produced a high-flux dialyzer system that they call EXELTRA. Their product literature contains the following information:

The hollow fibers have an inner diameter of 200 microns (10−6 m). How many fibers are in each of the units?

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