Over last few years, stochastic models have been used extensivelyto study ecological risk of an oil spill in Arctic waters. Such models describe fate and behaviour of pollutants and provide useful information about the adverse impacts of oil spill on marine species and ecological systems. Ecological risk models are helpful in estimating the cost of oil-spill clean-up in ocean. While performing ecological risk analysis many risk factors are taken into account such as turbulent diffusion, surface spreading, advection, dispersion, emulsification, dissolution, biodegradation, sedimentation and evaporation. The rate of evaporation of an oil from a surface oil slick for a thick part of oil spill is given by following equation;(please see attached photo 1)Where,F = fraction of oil evaporatedC = constant dependent on temperatureP = liquid vapour pressureK = mass transfer coefficientA = Area of spill (thick part)v = molar volumet = timeR = Gas constantT = ambient temperatureV = Volume of oil spilledPerform Monte Carlo Simulation in MS Excel for 1000 number of simulationsto find;a)Mean and variance of fraction of oil evaporated? Pleaseprovide your simulationsin MS Excel file.[6%]b)Is fraction of oil evaporated positively skewed or negatively skewed? [3%]c)Find 25thand 95thpercentile values of fraction of oil evaporated and discuss results? [6%]

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