1. Define the biological effects of the following types in the context of substance use disorder treatment

a. Pharmacology, b. Neurology, c. Physiology: and d. Psychology:

and describe common pharmacological and physiological effect of

Opioids and Stimulants

2. a Explain what a process addiction is and include examples

b. According to the latest edition of the DSM, explain what a substance use disorder is and include examples

c. Based on your examples, describe how process addictions and substance use disorders are similar and how are they different

d. How would a counselor establish a treatment relationship to work with a client with a substance use disorder or process addiction?

3. Briefly explain the history of substance abuse treatment over the past 100 years, within cultures and nations. How did the early practices differ from what is being done today?

4. Briefly explain the development of interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary teams in regard to the treatment of addictions and includes an explanation of the various team roles

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