Question 1 (10 Marks)
A) On which port does the SMTP server listen? [1 mark]
B)On which port does the IMAP server listen [1 mark]
C)Which command does an email client use to introduce itself to an SMTP server? [1 mark]
D)Give any 3 functions of an email client [3 marks]
E) A repeater is a device found on a network, with the help of a diagram,
describe its function in the network [4 marks]

Question 2 (10 Marks)
F) Convert the binary value 1101011 into decimal. Show how you arrive at your answer [3 marks]
G) Convert the binary value 1101011 to octal. Show how you arrive at your answer [3 marks]
H) Give the result of dividing 11.25 by 3 in binary. Note that all your operations should be performed in binary [4 marks]

Question 3 (10 Marks)
I) List the 3 key design concepts of the Von Neumann Architecture [3 marks]

J) What is the function of the MBR [2 marks]
K) Why is DRAM preferable to SRAM [3 marks]
L) Define the following terms [2 marks]
N) Track


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