Culture Competency Training

BHRM Planning

Assignment Two: Go Global Presentation

Value: 15%

Due Date: Friday, June 11th

Due: Prior to class on Friday, by 8:00 am EDT



• Present training to prepare staff for a Global Assignment

• Select a country

• You are the International Human Resources Manager who is responsible for the

logistical coordination of the overseas employee assignments


– The intention of this presentation is to help prepare employees for what they will

expect to encounter in their new host country. It will also help management and

your HR team to support their employees with their overseas reassignment.

– Intended audience will include employees preparing to go on overseas

assignment and management, your International HR VP and team.


Pick one training topic, from the following list of 4 topics:


1. Culture Shock Training: Understand the symptoms of culture shock and how to

cope with them

2. Culture Competency Training : What is cultural competency and how do you

develop it

3. Relocation Orientation Training:

PES Analysis – overview of country (pick a specific country)

Political: Overview of countries political system, and current political

circumstances, include anything notable – any unrest or current trends helpful for

overseas assignee to be aware of

Economics – country’s currency, major trade agreements or balance of trade

with this company, economic state-of-affairs, income tax agreements if there

are any

Social-cultural – religion, language, social norms, and any customs

4. Cultural Orientation Toolkit Training: To help you understand and adapt to

different working practices, culture, communication styles and social etiquette

(pick a specific country)

Part 1 – Go Global Training Presentation (80%)



– Prepare a 10-15 min PowerPoint presentation (no more than 7 slides)

– Every slide in your module must be narrated.

– Your presentation must include a final slide that provides your references for the

sources that you used in your research

– Presentation must begin with an introduction title slide: name of training

– Second slide must be a learning outcomes slide, listing at two to four

components that the trainee will learn in their presentation.

Part 2 – Post URL Training to Go Global Discussion Board and Assignment Link

– This PowerPoint must be saved as wave file and uploaded to Youtube

– Post Youtube URL in assignment portal

– Post to discussion board called Go Global

Part 3 – Discussion Board Training Viewing & Replies (20%)

• On June 11th you are to go on and watch 4 other student presentation videos

and provide at three questions to the other student about their training module


• Respond to the question of your classmates on June 11th

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