For this assignment, based upon your instructional design document, you will create your initial storyboard and populate the storyboard frames with the appropriate instructional components. For your initial storyboard, include these minimum components (Note: You will continue developing your storyboard in Unit 5): ? Welcome frame (1 slide) ? Introduction frame (1-2 slides) – Brief description of the module and includes the TCOs ? Frame components ? Menu – Describes and depicts the menu and their functions. As a minimum, must describe the links to each of the instructional units, student assessment, learning activities, and any other instructional components ? Navigational components – Each storyboard’s frame must include basic navigational components (home button, help button, exit button, forward/back buttons) ? Help frame (1 slide) – the Help frame describes and depicts the menu structure and basic navigational components. ? Introduction to first instructional unit frame(s) (1-2 slides) – Brief description to the first instructional unit and includes enabling objectives’ (minimum 2 enabling objectives) ? Introduction to second instructional unit frame(s) (1-2 slides) – Brief description to the second instructional unit and includes its enabling objectives’ (minimum 2 enabling objectives)

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