Consider the situation in which the interrupt-driven SCI device is used for debugging purposes. In other words, the basic system operation does not require SCI output, but the programmer adds calls to SCI_OutUDec in order to visualize strategic parameters in real-time during execution. Which statement best describes the intrusiveness of this debugging method?

a) If it is the case that the TxFifo becomes full, SCI_OutUDec will have to wait for the output to complete. In this situation, it is highly intrusive.

b) Because interrupts are used, the time to execute SCI_OutUDec will be short. Therefore, this debugging method is always minimally intrusive.

c) It is nonintrusive, because the SCI is not required for basic system operations.

d) It can be made minimally intrusive if the baud rate is set at the maximum rate.

e) It is minimally intrusive because output occurs in the background.

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