Choose a Life Stage Theory or part of a theory that is presented in your text. Develop a 3-5-page (not including the title page and bibliography or reference page) research paper presenting that theory. Include at least three academic references. Your textbook can be one of your resources but also include journal articles, additional books, and academic or appropriate internet resources.

Include in-text citations and a bibliography or reference page. The sections and questions listed below are required for your research paper. You are not limited to just the following sections and questions but at the minimum, you should include the sections in the rubrics. Feel free to include additional sections and information in your paper. You will be graded on the detailed examination of the theory. Do not just answer questions with one or two words. You will need to elaborate or expand your answers. During the last week of the course, you will be required to submit your research paper to the discussion area for your classmates to read.

You are required to include a bibliography or reference page with proper citation format and in-text citations for your resource material. Do not use Wikipedia or Psychology Today as a resource or reference. Neither is appropriate. Wikipedia has some good information, but it is not a secure website. I had a friend who went into Wikipedia and changed the date of something. A couple of days later, she returned to find the same date. She felt guilty so correct the date. Articles in Wikipedia are not always created by scholarly sources. Anyone can write an article to submit to Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not screen its authors and does not have to be scholarly writers. Psychology Today is a good magazine for the general public but does not provide enough information for a scholarly paper or post. As college students and secondly, psychology students, you need to use scholarly websites and published material. If you use Wikipedia or Psychology Today, you will not receive credit for any of your references, which will result in lower points for your paper.

Sections should include:

Section Required Information
Introduction: (10 Points) Introduce the theory and why you chose it.
General Information: (20 points) Primary and secondary theorists–Why the theory was developed? Did the theorist disagree with someone else? Did the theorist believe that other theories were incorrect? Did the theorist believe that previous theories did not contain enough information?
Basis of Theory:

(25 points)

Underlying focus of theory. For example: cognitive, psychoanalytic, Neo-Freudian, etc. Note: If theory branched from another theory, include a short summary of the relationship between the two. For example, Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development began with his involvement in Freud’s theory of psychosexual development.
Stages or phases of development:

(20 points)

Outline each of the stages or phases of the theory. Include appropriate ages for each stage or phase, strengths one will acquire, what will happen if a person doesn’t acquire the appropriate strengths (if applicable), what is the primary goal of each stage?
Summary and Conclusions:

(10 points)

How does theory pertain to your own life?
Do you agree with the theory and if not why, what does it lack,
what would you include or remove from the theory? Summarize theory
Bibliography (5 points) Correct format and number of required references
Spelling, Grammar, Syntax, Format, Correct number of pages (10 points)
For late papers: lose 5 points per day that paper is late

Grading Criteria for Research Paper

Clear understanding of the theory
Clear presentation of the theory
Clear organization of the material
Carefully written and readable

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