Ashworth & Redmayne: The Criminal Process,

Module: Criminal Procedure:

Critically evaluate the impact of recent court decisions on abuse of process on the work of: ( cases are uploaded below)

a) The investigating agencies, such as the police; and

b) The prosecuting agencies, such as the CPS and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Ensure that your critique addresses different elements of the principles of justice and the ethical responsibilities of state agencies involved in criminal litigation.


Arial 12 Font, , Uk law Articles. and three essential books must be used as a reference, Those are;

1) Blackstone’s Criminal Practice D 3.70-3.112

2) Choo, Abuse of Process and Judicial Stays of Criminal Proceedings, 2nd ed

3) Ashworth & Redmayne: The Criminal Process, 4th ed. Ch 9, and pp 385-9.

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