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Policies and procedures

Students need to use the knowledge gained throughout this whole unit to develop a plan for decision making and problem-solving in relation to one selected health care issue/ nursing practice. A project may cover any area of specialty nursing practice that the student feels he/she would like to improve. Students are required to identify the health care issue/ nursing practice aligned with NSQHS. Students can use the current guidelines. This assessment should include the latest research-based evidence, current practice protocols updated with the latest guidelines.

Assessment Instructions

Students need to:

Choose one specific issue or problem in the health care setting that indicates a student’s learning needs. Write learning objectives using SMART goals. Conduct a literature review of the chosen area. The student will be reviewing at least….

Knowledge of the underpinning principles and theories of research

NUR256 Assessment task 3:

Written report – annotated bibliography (example attached-Annotated bibliography example)

Weight: 50%

Length: 2500 words

Due date:


Word limit: 2500 words. Font: Plain font, for example, Calibri 12, Times New Roman 12, Ariel 12 Line Spacing: 1.5 Reference system: APA7th ( example attached) Submission: SafeAssign via Ultrafileformat.doc or .docx

Assessment instructions

Using what you have learned from modules 1-6 create a report on an annotated bibliography based on the topic selected in assignment 2. (copy of Assignment 2 – Evidence Based Practice attached)

The report needs to contain:

Introduction/background Annotated bibliography (4 x relevant and current research articles) literature evaluation (based on the four articles) Conclusion In your annotated bibliography

You will need to address the following elements:

• APA 7th reference

• Was….

You are required to produce an assignment plan that will support you when writing an illustrated report for your unit 5 assignment.

You are required to produce an assignment plan that will support you when writing an illustrated report for your unit 5 assignment. You do not need to write the report for this unit – you only need to produce an assignment plan. Your assignment plan needs to be as structured and detailed as possible so that you can use it when completing unit 5.


Using the timetable approach to assignment planning, you should firstly list all of the stages that you are going to need to complete for your unit 5 assignment, from reading the assignment brief to producing a first draft, through to producing your final draft and submitting it for marking. You must review the unit 5 assignment brief and the relevant assessment criteria before….

What other types of industries would benefit from products like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager? Why?

Systems Management Software Helps Fight Crime

The York regional police protect 1,800 square kilometers north of Toronto, Canada. Until recently, the force has been challenged trying to keep the rugged Panasonic laptops in its 200 cruisers, boats, and helicopters up-to-date, secure, and synchronized. Although the notebooks were wirelessly networked, the data, software, and systems were not necessarily well synchronized. To apply system updates and patches every few months, officers were required to check in at the main station where they had to wait for a few hours while the notebook was updated. With over 200 laptops on the force, this cost the department hundreds of working hours every few months. Not only were human resources wasted, but the internal IT department was pushed past its limit. Staff members….

Which status best describes your dominant group identity status?

ACTIONX is a project designed to enhance your skills as a diversity leader through engaging in the Journey of Self-Discovery activities and a personal identity assessment. After completing the activities and assessment, you will create an action plan to improve your cultural competency.


Part One:

In the past weeks you read Chapter 5 and learned about the Journey of Self-Discovery, which involves various self-exploration activities developed from the Grubb Institute’s Transforming Experiences Framework. As part of your ACTIONX project, you will complete three self-discovery exercises to gain insight into your journey towards cultural competence. Pay attention to your communication habits and personal attitudes as you complete these exercises.


Choose three of the following activities outlined in Chapter Five. Complete each of the three activities you chose…..