Critical Essay

Critical essay refers to logical and intellectual evaluation of some piece of art. Besides, the writer provides a personal opinion on work of art such as movies and books. The essay is supported by evidence from the art work, and it also provides the strong and weak points of the art work and the methodology utilized by the author.


How to Write a Critical Essay

Critical essays preserve the common structure that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. Once the subject is selected, the pertinent information is collected for the critical essay. It is advisable never to commit the common mistake of just assessing the content of the art work and rewriting it; the goal of a critical essay is profound. The writer should present a critical analysis of the author’s art work and asses their method of writing.


In the introduction section, the main points are described, and the general opinion expressed. The support paragraphs provide an analysis of the aspects of work in a steady way. Every new idea should be discussed in a different paragraph, and enough evidence should be provided for proofing or refuting of an argument. A good critical essay takes the objective description and should be a third persona essay. Thus, they should be written in an understandable and easy manner.


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