You must cite from the ACA ethical standards for this vignette and use that code to answer questions in a page Carol, under the influence of alcohol and amphetamines, comes in for therapy at a local counseling center.  A non-licensed staff worker conducts the intake session and has Carol sign the center’s standard consent for therapy form.  She then ushers Carol into the office of one of the center’s five therapists.  After talking with the therapist for 2 hours, Carol leaves the center without paying for services.  On receiving a bill from the counseling center, Carol tells them she is not going to pay.  Can the counseling center confidently pursue collection action for payment?  What happens when Carol argues that she was too upset and did not have the capacity to consent at the time she presented herself at the counseling center?

What ethical problems are involved in the vignette?

List or itemize the various ethical options available to the therapist.

Which option would you exercise?

Why would you choose this particular option and why would you NOT choose another option?

What are the risks involved in exercising this option?

What are the potential rewards in exercising this option?

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