Complete the following activities:
You have been recently engaged by XYZ Pty Ltd trading as MMI as a Project Manager (PM) to develop and implement a project to open a new campus in Sydney (refer to MMI strategic objectives).
The Marketing Manager is going on maternity leave, and her replacement won’t start for another four weeks. As you are in charge of the new campus project, the CEO asked you to assist the marketing team in developing the following:

  • A promotional message to advertise the new campus in Sydney
  • A mood board to inspire the design of a new website dedicated to the new campus

This assessment requires you to:

  • Work in collaboration with the marketing team to draft your promotional message and mood board
  • Present your draft work to relevant stakeholders for feedback and approval
  • Negotiate changes to the promotional message and mood board
  • Present and test the finalised work using a focus group

Task 2.1 Meeting with the Marketing Team
Schedule a time with the trainer and assessor in week 3 of class to meet with the marketing team (played by a group of classmates). This is a Role-Play.
The meeting is about brainstorming ideas for the promotional message and the mood board.
The trainer and assessor will validate that the meeting took place and provide feedback on the marking sheet.
If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements with the trainer and assessor to perform the Role-Play.

  1. Organise the meeting (20-30 minutes)

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