Directions: You are to research an entrepreneur of your choosing for example Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Sam Walton (Walmart), etc. Those are just a few examples of some people you could research. Due Date: Wednesday: January 18 Project Grading: Approach this project as if we have never heard of this person before. The grading will be based on how well you introduce this person and describe the entrepreneurial traits that helped them become successful. Most importantly, describe the entrepreneurial traits that impressed you the most! (20 Marks) Project Requirements: It is up to you how you would like to present the information that you research in a Research Paper format (2 pages). Project Contents: Here is a list of some recommended questions you need to answer, however do not just answer each question. Introductory information: (5 Marks) o Who are you researching? o Where were they born and when? What was their childhood like etc.? Schooling: (5 Marks) Did they earn a college degree (if so what degree do they have and if not what is the highest level of schooling they finished) What kind of a student were they and did they struggle in class. • The Business: (10 Marks) o What business did they start? o How did they start it? How did they come up with the idea? o How long did it take them to finally open the doors? o What were some of the obstacles the encountered? o Were they successful on their first try? Since the business has opened what have they done to improve/expand it (products, buying other businesses, more locations)? How is their business doing today?

the subject is business entrepreneurship
Description: Directions: You are to research an entrepreneur of your choosing for example Steve Jobs
(Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Sam

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