For each question, assume that you are a project manager working for a private sector contractor and are managing more than one project to prepare for hosting the Olympic Games. There are several possible alternatives to many of these questions, but your job is to think about what you would do.

1. You read over the statement of work for the project and discover that it was based on erroneous assumptions. Your cost baseline is insufficient to get the work done. What should you do next?

2. Some of the political stakeholders that are part of the OCOG appear to have hidden agendas and are now changing your project’s requirements. This will cause a cost overrun. You are not sure if the changes are necessary. What should you do next?

3. Your project has a small management reserve built into the price. Your project sponsor, who happens to be part of the OCOG, wants to use the management reserve for adding in bells and whistles on another project where he is the sponsor. What should you do next, and whom can you go to for assistance?

4. Some of your team members appear to slow down their work on purpose in order to justify overtime. This will be costly if it is prolonged. What should you do next?

5. The OCOG slashes your budget and uses the money to put out !res on other projects that you are not managing. You realize that you cannot complete your efforts within the reduced budget. What should you do next? To whom should you talk?

6. A sponsor that is part of TOP has asked you to make structural changes to your project so that the sponsor’s company logo can displayed more prominently. This will delay your project a bit and cause a cost overrun. The OCOG tells you to make the changes but within the existing cost baseline. What should you do next, and whom should you discuss this with?

7. Some domestic sponsors have asked you to make changes that will create a conflict with the requirements imposed by many TOP sponsors. What should you do next?

8. The contractors you hired are demanding more money in order to finish their work. You do not believe that they need additional funding. What should you do next, and whom should you discuss this with?

9. Several actions items require an agreement be reached by the stakeholders that reside in the OCOG. Their inability to come to an agreement is slowing down your project. What should you do next, and where can you get assistance?

10. You are a strong believer in the Project Management Code of Conduct established by PMI. One of the senior members of the OCOG is the owner of a company that has the responsibility for managing several of the projects.

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