You are a RN working in ED, looking after Mrs Wong, an 93 -year-old with an admitting diagnosis of Acopia. Mrs Wong is alert and orientated, has mild urge urinary incontinence and general frailty. All acute interventions have been completed for Mrs Wong, but the wards are full, so she will spend the next 8 hours (+) on an ED trolley in a corridor.

1. What is the potential impact on staff and patients of a diagnosis based on labelling of a patient? In this case the label of ‘Acopia’.

2. How do normal physiological changes of ageing increase the risk of Mrs Wong developing a pressure injury in this scenario? Consider integumentary system plus 2 other body systems in your answer and provide detailed science based rationales for why physiological changes mentioned impact pressure injury risk for Mrs Wong.

3. Provide detailed evidence based nursing interventions with rationales that should be implemented for Mrs Wong to reduce the risk of her developing a pressure injury while in ED? Do not include referrals in your answer.

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