You are to use collaborative filtering techniques to predict which political party voters who have not been polled will vote for in an upcoming election. We assume that we have a large data store of voters and many attributes about the voters. Attributes include age_group (with values of young, middle, old), gender, income_bracket (with values of under_50K, 50_150K, 150_300K, over_300K), marital_status, number_of_children, profession (with many different values), education_level (with values of no_high_school, high_school, bachelors, masters, doctor), number_of_automobiles, political_party, and state. Also assume that many voters have already been polled and the party they stated that they would vote for is also stored in the data store. a) Design a schema for a structured cloud table such as Accumulo to represent this data. b) Write pseudocode for determining similarity called VoterSimilarity() with signature:


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