In this task you will write a reflection about one of the key messages of the unit: Biased treatment matters in health care. (approx. 1200 words)
Reflective writing should demonstrate critical reading and thinking skills. The use of ‘I’ is expected in this assessment task (‘I think, I do not agree, I agree’, etc).
Your essay should follow the following format:
Introduction, Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3, Answer 4 and Conclusion
Introduction: Briefly identify the main points that you will explore in the essay (approximately 150 words)
1 (approximately 200 words)
Define intersectionality; provide reference details.
Use the framework of intersectionality to describe the numerous ‘social or cultural locations’ we all have, such as gender, age, ethnicity etc. Intersectionality allows us to consider the complex manner in which privilege and disadvantage are combined in our complex identities.

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