The Harley-Davidson Company embraces its motto as “Live to Ride, and Ride to Live”. Similarly, do you feel most people work to live or live to work? When evaluating job offers and career decisions, should people focus solely on the monetary rewards of the position? Why or why not? Support your response through examples. A minimum of 100 words of substance.

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Wagener-Lee, LLC Amanda Piper, CFA, MBA, CEP® Financial Advisor 5950 Symphony Woods Rd Suite 412 Columbia, MD 21044 443-276-9595 [email protected] Women and Work: Why Salary, Benefits, and Work-Life Balance Count As you progress along your career path, there’s no • When meeting with your employer (or a potential telling how far you’ll go. But to fully reap the financial employer), be prepared to articulate your strengths rewards of all your hard work, you’ll need to take and specific achievements. What unique skills and charge of your own career–here are a few issues qualities do you bring to the table? you’ll want to pay close attention to. • Recognize that negotiation is a two-way street. Clearly communicate not only your salary Salary and career advancement requirements, but also what you offer the company Having a well-paying job is a major concern for most in return. Be prepared to address any concerns people, but it’s no secret that there’s often a gender your employer has. gap when it comes to pay. According to a report from • Don’t assume that the first salary or pay increase the Bureau of Labor Statistics, within most you’re offered is the last. Be prepared to occupational categories, women who work full-time, counteroffer. year-round earn only 83% (on average) of what men 2 In addition to pay, bonuses, and other tangible who work the same schedule earn. rewards, nontangible rewards such as career Getting paid less affects not only your current As more and more opportunities and a supportive culture are important paycheck, but also your long-term asset women earn college predictors of job satisfaction and success. Here are a accumulation. For example, the less you earn, the degrees, change in the few questions you may want to consider when less money you have to contribute to your retirement workplace may be deciding if a job or company is a good fit: inevitable. According to plan

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