1. When Dave Carroll posted his video on YouTube, It went viral. What American value do you feel motivated consumers to pass along this “video complaint” to others?

2. Of the three groups of influencers identified by Forrester, which group or groups do you think were most likely responsible for Dave Carroll’s video going viral? Explain.

Based on your answers to 1 and 2, develop a marketing strategy for United to “recover” from its service failure. Specifically, address the following:

a. What “message” should United be sending to the general public?

b. What “media” outlets (traditional, online, and/or social) should it be using?

c. Develop a video or ad concept that United could place on social media that could help offset consumer anger over its service failure.

d. Identify which of the three Forrester groups United

4. Chapter 7 defines and discusses opinion leaders. Are the individuals that create viral complaint videos opinion leaders? Why or why not?

5. Chapter 7 also discusses guiding principles that marketers should use when engaging in social media. How should United Airlines, or other companies who have had similar issues, have operated based on these principles?

should focus on with its recovery campaign and defend your answer

6. Several companies are using crowdsourcing as a way for customers to help solve each others’ problems. How might companies harness the power of crowdsourcing to combat instances of viral negative WOM?

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