Early auditing theories were constructed by observing the practices of auditors. What type of theory construction is this? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?

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Step 1: Team allocation and initial assessment (Individual) Your learning facilitator will randomly assign you to a group. After that has occurred, each team member will write their own response to the two issues below (the response is included as part of your individual Reflective Report): 1. Using information about team members’ LPA, EI and Clifton Strengths to support your views, discuss why you think this group of students has the potential to form an effective work group. 2. Using information about team members’ LPA, EI and Clifton Strengths to support your views, anticipate possible areas of weakness or conflict within the group. Step 2: Team-Building (Group) As a group, design or choose a 25-30 minute team building activity and explain in your report why you believe it will increase the effectiveness of the team (this part of your individual report will be common to all team members). Remember that this is a team building activity – not a “getting to know you” session. Then conduct the team-building activity as a group, documenting the experience using video/moving screen-capture technology such as a recorded zoom meeting. Step 3: Analysis and Reflection (Individual) You can now build on what you have written for your report as part of step 1 by analysing the dynamics and roles you have observed within the team, discussing in your report how you believe they were influenced by team members’ LPA’s, Strengths Quest Talents, EI and cultural backgrounds. You should also use academic resources to support your ideas. In your report, you should also reflect on what you have learnt about your capacity to contribute effectively to a team and provide recommendations regarding how you could further improve your contribution to a team in your future professional practice.

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