Mr. Lube A substantial market exists for automobile tune-ups, oil changes, and lubrication service for the more than 12 million cars on Canadian roads. Some of this demand is filled by full-service auto dealerships, some by Canadian Tire, and some by other tire/service dealers. However, Mr. Lube, Great Canadian Oil Change, Jiffy Lube, and others have also developed strategies to accommodate this opportunity. Mr. Lube stations perform oil changes, lubrication, and interior cleaning in a spotless environment. The buildings are clean, freshly painted, and often surrounded by neatly trimmed landscaping and clean parking areas. To facilitate fast service, cars can be driven though the facility. At Mr. Lube, the customer is greeted by service representatives who take their order, which typically includes fluid checks (oil, water, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and differential grease) and the necessary lubrication, as well as filter changes for air and oil. Service personnel in neat uniforms then move into action. The standard team has one person checking fluid levels under the hood, another in the garage pit removing the oil filter, draining the oil, checking the differential and transmission, and lubricating as necessary. Precise task assignments and good training are designed to move the car into and out of the bay in minutes. The idea is to charge no more, and hopefully less than gas stations, automotive repair chains, and auto dealers. While doing so, Mr. Lube strives to provide better service than its competitors, Case Questions:
1. What constitutes the mission of Mr. Lube
2. How does the M: Lube operations strategy provide comperitive advantage (Hint: Evaluare how Mr Lubes traditional competitors perform the 10 decisions of operations management compared to how Mr. Lube performs them.
3. Is it likely that Mr Lube has increased productivity over is more traditional competitors? Why? How would we measure productivity in this industry
I Com Services be held in inventory?


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