what aspects of consumer behavior are likely to be of interest to university administrator, a nurse, social worker in government agency and graphic arts designer

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COIT20251 Assessment 3: Case Study Report Assessment Type: Practical and Written Assessment Due Date: Part A Week 11 Friday (27 May 2022) 11.45 pm AEST Part B Review/Exam Week Tuesday (7 June 2022) 11.45 pm AEST Weighing: 40% Assessment Task This assessment should be accomplished in a group of up to four members. Please seek help from your tutor to form your group, if needed. This assessment has two parts – Part A: Case Study Report and Part B: Annotated Peer Report. Part A: Case Study Report (30 marks) In this part, you are required to write a case study report based on a given case study. The case study will be made available on the Moodle unit website. Read the given case study carefully, explore the context of the business and understand the perspectives of the stakeholders. Analyse the problems or needs of the business, come up with prospective business solution options in terms of ICT systems, business processes and organisation, assess costs and benefits of the solution options, and work out a plan to realise the benefits of the business solution. See yourself as a future business analyst and visualise yourself as applying the knowledge and skills developed in the unit to deliver the business solution, if you would have been part of a team working on this project. In the case study report, you will need to evaluate the current business context, analyse the perspective of the stakeholders, identify the deficiencies in the current ICT systems, business processes and organisation, propose possible improvements with cost and benefit analysis, and develop a plan to deliver the business solution. You are required to demonstrate your analytical and technical skills to communicate your findings from the given scenario. The case study report should be structured as follows: A title page Executive summary Table of contents Introduction Topical headings (as required from analysis results of items 1-5 below)

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