What are the critical success factors for IKEA?

  1. Please describe how IKEA started as a small furniture store business to achieve current accomplishments, from a historical and developmental perspective. List and discuss current revenues by different business units and global regions. Provide a summary of IKEA in the USA that should include such information as the distribution of stores, size of revenues or sales, and size of employees, etc.?
  2. Some people argued that Vikings values affect IKEA. Please list and discuss the major values of Vikings.
  3. Please outline IKEA’s major values from its founder that affect their growth. How do they affect their business? List them and discuss them (based on the textbook and its Annual Report).
  4. Compare IKEA’s and Viking’s values. Using a table to compare them and discuss their similarity or differences?.
  5. What are the critical success factors for IKEA?
  6. Summarize the entire paper and list what you have learned from this research.
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