Using the SWOT analysis below of Atlantic College in Nassau Bahamas, construct a five-year Strategic Plan based on the SWOT Analysis, and develop an Action Plan for each of the five years stemming from your Strategic PlanSWOT Analysis

Summary: The SWOT analysis aids in displaying the internal strengths of and weaknesses that Atlantic College must address. It allows for the examination of opportunities presented to the company as well as potential threats. These strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are as follows:


  • Positive goodwill and reputation
  • Safe and friendly campus
  • Adequate Lectures with years of experience in both teaching and the profession with a wealth of knowledge second to none
  • Well defined fee structure
  • Location is ideal for the working population to reach to classes on time
  • Classes and assignments offered through different platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom and Udemy) during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Many accreditation program
  • Accepts credits from other Colleges
  • Courses offered from GED level to Bachelor Degree level
  • Bundle Trade packages
  • High return rate of students in their second year
  • Very great successful rate of students’ progress.
  • Full support of staff and faculty
  • Developing broad-based competencies, specific knowledge and experiences needed in the workforce
  • Offering programs in contextual learning and workplace skills usually unavailable at other institutions
  • Enhancing personal and professional growth that leads to more efficient and effective employees and business owners
  • Utilizing practical, proven, current global “best practices” in education and training
  • Creating opportunities for the development of effective communication and presentation skills for upward mobility and work-force success
  • Offering personal and professional development opportunities for employers, employees, the unemployed, and retirees
  • Grace period for registration, payments and withdrawals
  • Maintain about 100 students per semester
  • Attain about $110,000.00 per semester in tuition fees


  • Monetary vulnerability
  • Internship opportunities
  • Restricted assets for workforce and staff advancement
  • Student Advisory services
  • Parking lot for students and staff is very limited
  • Limited spacing for expansion
  • No courses offered at the Master Degree level
  • No website access
  • Weak Wi-Fi and internet during Zoom class sessions
  • Not enough lecturers for existing programs offered
  • Returning of grades late and grades access
  • Profoundly serious market for different workforce and staff
  • Alluring building, ground, classrooms, labs, etc.
  • Developed infrastructure, equipment for experiments/practical for all technical students in comparison to other organizations

Atlantic College weaknesses come from the lack of funding to launch out and grow the business. Therefore, the grant funds are to Purchase land for the expansion and renovation of the building and parking lot, Hire Employees, Website building and managing, and Marketing and Sales Channels. Additionally, the grant funds are to launch the advertising campaign for the new and improved facilities and services offered to the students in Nassau, Bahamas.


  • Suggestion and opinion are always welcome for every student staff materials.
  • Increase services to current students
  • Current plans call for a 9000 square feet facility
  • Expanding academic studies and categories
  • Expert faculty from all over the world
  • Welcomes brilliant students from other countries
  • Provide generous help for all students.
  • Acceptance and updating of all changes according to the competitive environment.
  • Learning while earning concept
  • Learning lifelong study
  • New construction
  • Welcome new talent
  • Technology advancement
  • Marketing and public relations through the website, press/media, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and word-of-mouth


  • Perception of public
  • Insecurity feeling of foreign students
  • Development of new and existing competitive colleges
  • Different culture and norms
  • Perceived rituals
  • Unnecessary news from media
  • Climate disturbances (storms)


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